Friday, March 26, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

It's not really Alice, but it certainly is what a child would have worn in 1850. Lewis Carroll wrote the story in 1865. So, let's imagine Alice wearing her best visiting dress, to go to tea and perhaps sit under that tree to read her book...You know what happens next.

This costume was made for Watson's Mill, for their Summer programming.

It has a short crinoline, typical of what a child would have worn. I used Rigilene for the boning, since it's easy to stitch right into the shaped cotton skirt.

The outfit is made in cotton, lined in cotton. No boning in this one! The original costume had swags of fringe on the skirt and bodice, but I felt it would look too upholstered to offer that now. You have to think how things will look to a modern eye. It would see fringe and think pillow or couch! So, I used eyelet and swagged the lace on the skirt, as the original was done. Black buttons complete the bodice.

I didn't make a pinafore for the outfit, as it smacks of Disney, even though girls often wore pinafores to keep their clothes clean.

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