Friday, December 3, 2010

Victorian Wedding?

I am currently having a new design created for my web site To this end, I have been looking at various sites and looking for some inspiring images. I found this one, which is a lovely image of a bridal party. In one site, it was labelled "Victorian Wedding."

Now, I may not be the world's foremost expert at costume dating, but this is surely an Edwardian style. Such inaccuracy bother s me. Does no-one care to be accurate? There are no bustles or crinolines here. The lady on the left is clearly wearing an Edwardian hat and dress. Think "Upstairs, Downstairs" here.

Enough of my rant. The new site will be up soon, divided into historic and Bridal. Some of my bridal gowns are historic, so I must decide whether to place them in one gallery or both.

Here's an image of a corset-style bodice I created a while back. It's based on a Victorian corset shape, which I adapted with straps to cover the breasts. I styled it with nylon boning and lacing at the back. It really cinches in the waist.
I had a client bring me a suit she wanted to wear. I was to make a bustier to go with it. The suit was a little tight in the waist, until I laced her into this style of bodice! She looked gorgeous and I didn't alter the suit at all!

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DENISE said...

Oh my! what a beautiful bodice! How clever you are!