Friday, January 14, 2011

Taking the train

Back to working on Mrs Abbott's gown. Now for the train. Using the full width of the fabric, so as to avoid a seam, the train is 60" long from the bodice tip. I lined the train with peau doe soie, to give it body, then added an organza and lace trimmed dust ruffle, as per the original. This should peek out as the bride floats down the aisle. I can visualise this little touch catching the eye of the guests.

The top is gauged or cartridge pleated to match the point at the back of the bodice. I have now created a yoke to match the bodice shape, which the train will be sewn to. This serves to create a detachable train. Most brides want this option if possible.

Now to finish the trim on the bodice. I took a shopping trip to Toronto and trawled the fabric stores along Queen Street west. I bought braid at Mokuba to create the medallions with. I appreciate the skill those 19th century dressmakers had. the original used such fine braid for the medallions. Still haven't found the perfect silk roses for dress number two. this one is for museum display, so I want it to be right. I found a polyester, but shrink from using polyester for such a fine gown. I'm such a purist!!

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