Friday, February 11, 2011

1812 class winners!

And the winner is...! I've always wanted to say that. It was such fun, reading through all the comments again. I wrote all the names down and put them into a hat, then drew 3 winners. It took a while before I could announce them all, because I wanted to be sure I had permission to use the winner's names.

A free online class, Costuming an 1812 figure, goes to:

* Mary Ann Tate
* Shashi Nayagam
* Linda Hinkey

Thanks everyone, for your support. Now, on with the blog...

I just listed a couple of my felt bags on my Etsy store.

Felt bags are great conversation pieces. Wear one out one evening and you'll see what I mean!

This bag is felted by hand with a rainbow of orange - peach, blue tones in Australian merino fiber. It measures 6" high by 5" wide at the top. The handle is also wet felted merino.

I really enjoy embellishing felt. Sparkles are incorporated into the felt, then I added beads and mohair locks. The flowers are made from dyed silk cocoons.

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