Friday, February 18, 2011

Making braid medallions

I am finishing the gown slowly. The medallions were a challenge. You can see the originals and the reproductions here. I found braid which seems to work. The original was made from fine twisted braid, used in three layers. We can't get it that fine and I didn't want to spend that much time on these. The ones I made took long enough!
I bought this braid at Mokuba. If you have never been to a Mokuba store - GO! Imagine a whole store full of ribbons and braid! I spent a Long time in that store! they have branches in all major centers.
The idea with the trim was to imitate, rather than duplicate. The effect on the gown is beautiful. I promise to take some pictures next week.
I am awash in work right now, so time for taking pictures gets pushed to the back page. I have an 1840 dress on the go in fabulous fabric, plus a redo on a wedding gown. 1812 costume fabric will be arriving next week.
I am preparing a tutorial on adding hook and eye tape to the opening of a dress, so stay tuned.

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