Friday, March 11, 2011

Replica bridal gown finished!

The replica gown for the Argenteuil Museum is finished. I have taken photos, which makes it official.

This gorgeous gown is 100% silk. I reproduced from the original gown, which is a sad state of deterioration. Such is the fate of the old silks. The linen lace is still in amazing condition, though yellowed with age. This one has a bustle and under skirt, plus removable train with lace and organza dust ruffle. What else can i tell you? It had gorgeous vintage linen lace, hand-made. No machine made lace in 1885!

Miss Abbott 1885 wedding gown
 The museum is selling this gown, as I've mentioned before. So, if you are interested in purchasing this gown, please contact me at Edwina Richards.

Enjoy the gown. I'd love your comments on it.

Silk gown bodice detail

1885 gown back view

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