Thursday, August 18, 2011

Williamsburg, VA

Our trip to Virgina was a costume lover's delight! here's a few pictures to inspire you. I have many more to share!!
Mark Hutter giving his introduction to the milliners shop. Mark really knows his stuff. he gave Rick and I a tour behind the scenes, where they create 18th century clothing using 18th century methods. Impressive!

Calf skin breeches for a boy.

The wares. Not for sale, sadly. Most are created from original patterns or garments as study pieces.

Beautiful hand sewn linen lining.

A boy's banyan underway. Florals were for everybody in 1770!

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Material World said...

Looks like a fabulous experience. I was in Williamsburg as a younger teen. Left an impression on me then. Have always wanted to go back. Saw the Misanthrope at Stratford festival yesterday. Costumes set in Rococo France. I'm feeling inspired.