Friday, September 30, 2011

The 1812 pelisse is almost done. I ran out of braid to finish the cuffs. As always happens, I only needed 3 inches, so naturally, had to order another meter. It got thrown out accidentally at the fabric store, so the second lot should be in today. Hopefully. Still awaiting the phone call.

Hand sewing the silk taffeta was a bitch, to be honest. The silk was so hard to drag the needle out of. My fingers were quite sore by the time the lining was in. I had to use pliers when sewing on the buttons.

That's my gripe. I am very pleased with it, I must say. Fall is here, so Leslie will be needing it.


Material World said...

Looks good and what is art without suffering?

Edwina Sutherland said...

I guess you're right, but my poor fingers....