Friday, November 9, 2012

1812 costumes on the mannequin

After the rush of going to Chicago and exhibiting at the Vogue Knitting Show, it's been back to my neglected studio this week.  No dolls. That means back to 1812. I have finished the yellow Spencer, with the help of my able assistant, Laura. The sleeve detail is exquisite, taken from a period source. The silk godet insert is the softest twill silk you can imagine. 

The front was taken from a period fashion plate. The military look was big back then. The braid was made form covering piping with yellow silk, then braiding it. The collar stands up to properly display the trim, which is ruched silk and floral trim.

The back has lovely little pleats which swing nicely and the buttons to finish them off. I loved making this beautiful jacket, even with the challenges presented by the sleeves fitting the armhole and the collar standing properly, which required several pattern drafts.

What's next? Well a pelisse (coat) is under construction. Then I have an idea for a dragon....

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