Thursday, March 28, 2013

Christening gown

The joy of handmade

This little beauty was a joy to have in the studio. It really gave me an appreciation for the handmade. It's a Christening gown, being worn by the 9th generation of this family. It is entirely hand made and embroidered, with exquisitely tiny stitching.

I have been ready about Jane Austen. In her time, women spent large parts of each day hand sewing. Making shirts for the menfolk, dresses for themselves and clothing for the poor. It was their duty and occupation.

Look at the lovely emboidery and lace insertions!

Slower times, indeed! No technology to help! No patterns! Those available came from an old dress or a friend who had made one. Their skill-set was huge compared to ours. It really made me think about taking time to use my skills and appreciating the slow mode of hand work. It's so satisfying, wouldn't you agree?