Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo shoot with Alice

On Sunday I went out with Ruth Mills and our model, "Alice," to take some photos of her in the 1850 costume.
This was created for Watson's Mills. Alice will be part of their summer porgramme, telling the story of the mill and the family that lived there and helped in the founding of Manotick.

It was a sunny windy day, perfect light for photos and we found this old tree and even a rabbit hole to shoot nearby! Alice knew her part and posed while we snapped away. Ruth created the hat for the costume, which completes the ensemble perfectly.

I found it amusing how naked our model felt, with her skirts so far from her legs! She had to put her shorts on to increase her sense of security! The hoop was responsible for that. The costume may get bloomers at some later date. It's all a matter of budget.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Repro woman!

Here's an 1885 historic costume that I created for Watson's Mill, in Manotick The outfit is complete, with a cage bustle. For ease of use, I made an under bodice, rather than the more complex insert used in 1885. It would have been attached at one side and hooked in on the other, inside the bodice. Quite the operation! By doing it this way, the outfit is easily worn and cared for .

The skirt is pleated and draped over an under skirt foundation.

It's a challenge to find the right fabrics for a reproduction costume and stay within your budget. I used a cotton/poly sateen for the bodice and a cotton woven stripe for the skirt. Dark red braid imitated the passementerie the original would have had on the collar.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Weavers guild talk

There's nothing I enjoy more than sharing the costumes that I make with people. On this evening, we dressed up a few volunteers in costumes. This 1890 outfit is complete with corset, bustle, petticoat and even a corset cover. The skirt and bodice are silk in a paisley design. This was one of those fabrics I just happened to find. It was so ugly, the store hadn't sold an inch of it! However, it was perfect for 1890! They must have been in a time warp when they bought it! It has at least 9 colours in the print.

This 1812 outfit looks lovely. Just ignore her black t-shirt in the neckline!
And there I am, in a very modern sweater and leggings! I like to dress in complete contrast to what I am discussing on these occasions. I like the juxtaposition.