Friday, September 30, 2011

The 1812 pelisse is almost done. I ran out of braid to finish the cuffs. As always happens, I only needed 3 inches, so naturally, had to order another meter. It got thrown out accidentally at the fabric store, so the second lot should be in today. Hopefully. Still awaiting the phone call.

Hand sewing the silk taffeta was a bitch, to be honest. The silk was so hard to drag the needle out of. My fingers were quite sore by the time the lining was in. I had to use pliers when sewing on the buttons.

That's my gripe. I am very pleased with it, I must say. Fall is here, so Leslie will be needing it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

West End Studio Tour

This piece is called Far Away. It's created using fabric and Paverpol and is mounted on a tiny shelf. It's ready for the West End Studio Tour. the Vernissage is tonight at Wall Space Gallery on Wellington Street, Ottawa.

Very exciting, very busy time. I'm trying ot add images to my business cards, but my printer has light stirpes and I'm out of blank cards. off to staples I go!!

Wish me luck.  I have 17 new pieces this year, a record for me!

Monday, September 12, 2011

1812 Debut

Leslie had her debut in her 1812 gown recemtly at Willimastown. She looks lovely. The wonderful thing about getting photos like this, is seeing the client with their hair done, the accessories and in a lovely setting. Love the parasol! 

Sorry, I didn't note the name of the handsome soldier who accompanied her.

Leslie gave a short talk on the War of 1812 in this gown. It was the first of many Parks Canada events for this star of history!

Friday, September 9, 2011

1776 gowns

 As you may recall, I went to Colonial Williamsburg this August. I'm still sifting through my images. Here are two, of a lovely silk gown. The top one shows the front, with the petticoat. The ruffled trim is hand-cut organza. The edges have been pinked. The entire dress is hand sewn. A petticoat would support the skirt, plus pannier hoops at the hips. I can only say - Gorgeous!

 These pictures don't do the dress justice. The floral motifs are hand embroidered. Again, construction is entirely hand sewn. The style is a saque-back gown, meaning pleats fall gracefully from the shoulder, fitted over the back to the waist. The ladies I saw wearing these gowns looked lovely. Back then. the fitting was generally made while being worn. No paper patterns ion 1776! 

I'll find one of Martha Washington to share with you soon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Silk gown for sale

I have listed the 1885 wedding gown I've created on my Etsy store, which sells my art works. Please check it out. If you know any brides looking for a unique vintage style gown, please point them this way!

Can you see yourself in this dream of a gown? It steps right out of the pages of history. It is a reproduction of an 1885 wedding gown, worn by Alice Abbot, daughter of John Abbott, Canada's first Canadian-born Prime Minister.

This gown is 100% silk brocade. I used antique (c.1885) linen lace on the front and sleeves, hand made braided flowers on the back waist. There are small pendants on the back, with pearls strung between the flower motifs. Each motif took hours to make by hand. The pendants are hand made with polymer clay.

The train is detachable, revealing an A-line skirt with a small train. The train is about 3' long. The train is lined in satin, with an organza and lace dust ruffle.

The outfit is made with authentic details, including an underskirt and cage bustle. There are bones in the bodice, which shapes the figure beautifully. I can send more pictures, if you want to see the bustle or dust ruffle.

Fits bust size 36" and waist size 25-27".

This gown was created in my haute couture workshop, which is smoke -free. It truly is one-of-a-kind.