Friday, April 9, 2010

Weavers guild talk

There's nothing I enjoy more than sharing the costumes that I make with people. On this evening, we dressed up a few volunteers in costumes. This 1890 outfit is complete with corset, bustle, petticoat and even a corset cover. The skirt and bodice are silk in a paisley design. This was one of those fabrics I just happened to find. It was so ugly, the store hadn't sold an inch of it! However, it was perfect for 1890! They must have been in a time warp when they bought it! It has at least 9 colours in the print.

This 1812 outfit looks lovely. Just ignore her black t-shirt in the neckline!
And there I am, in a very modern sweater and leggings! I like to dress in complete contrast to what I am discussing on these occasions. I like the juxtaposition.

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