Saturday, June 25, 2011

Works in progress

I haven't had luck adding pictures this week, so here's a post without illustration. It's also been a busy week with various distractions.

I've been refining the cut of the 1812 pelisse coat. It was to be unlined, but then the question arose as to how seams should be finsihed. Some reading is needed to see what period techniques are mentioned in the books. Lining solves the problem, but now the right stuff must be found. This is when I miss having a local sari shop. They always had lightweight silk in many colours.

The velvet Spencer is cut, the collar interfaced and sleeves re-cut. I have fittings on Tuesday, so must get these two items assembled so I can re-fit the sleeves I re-cut. The originals had far too shallow a curve at the underarm, resulting in bunching at the armpit. Using period patterns is not always foolproof.

I have a pattern to make for a modern jacket. That's in muslin, waiting a second look. I like to bring tihngs along in stages. The client wants a muslin and pattern to follow. It's drafted and waiting on the table for stage two.

I spent a lovely afternoon adding entredeux to the 1920's style wedding gown. The cotton batiste looks lovely with the lace motif and entredeux added. The pink slip is almost complete.

Step by step, things are moving along. I promise pictures next time!


Shepherdess said...

If you can dye it I have light weight silk.

Edwina Sutherland said...

That's kind of you, but I have now found silk that's just right.