Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Silk jersey wedding dress

This beautiful dress was created with a Vogue pattern. My client was going to make it herself, with her mother's help. the silk jersey, however, proved too tricky for them to work with, so they brought it to me.
Silk jersey needs careful handling. My table is covered with cotton fabric, so the silk sticks to it, which makes layout easier. It is very slippery! Then the pins need to be sharp, so you don't get any snags. I cut it out with a rotary cutter, after inserting a new blade. Silk is my favourite fabric, but it sure does blunt a blade! By the time I had done the cutting, the blade was dull. Who'd have thought?
Lots of pins helped with the sewing, plus a fine size 10 needle. new, of course. The first fitting showed the draping wasn't working well. The weight of the jersey had it falling to one side, so I shifted the gathers toward the center, which helped. I used a serged roll hem on the skirt, as I didn't want to add too much weight. The dress is surprisingly heavy.
Meghaan was pleased with her dress and gave me some of her beautiful jewellery as a gift. Please check out her web site and her etsy store:
and Little Studio on Etsy.
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Sue said...


As with all of your work, this dress is just stunning.... love Vogue patterns. Sewing clothing is getting to be a lost art.