Friday, December 31, 2010


I love finding new blogs to explore. I thought I'd share a few of those I follow with you. It's nice to have some new directions to follow when you have some time to look at them. One blog leads to another and so on, but you already know that! Enjoy!

Fashion is My Muse
Commentary on the intersection of fashion, art, books, history and life. I enjoy reading about this unique look at what is happening in the world of fashion, history and books. There is always something to explore on this blog.

American Duchess
A fan of 18th century costume writes this site, which also has an Etsy store. Many useful link share, too.

The Orchard House Wardrobe
This costumer has some fabulous projects to share!

Maggie Grey
Is an English textile artist that I just find so inspiring. You may know I also create textile art and art dolls, so that's why I like Maggie.
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